The Ultimate Guide to Smoke Testing

It also evaluates the software and ensures whether it’s ready for the next level of testing or not. Smoke tests are non-exhaustive as they are designed to quickly determine whether a product is stable enough to be tested further. It is designed to be a high-level test of the most important functionalities.

what does smoke test mean

Sanity testing is a subset of regression testing performed using an automation tool which evaluates whether the software is ready for the next level of testing. Let’s consider the example of an e-commerce project consisting of modules like login page, the home page, user what does smoke test mean profile page, new user creation, etc. So, the testing team reports this defect to the development team, which resolves and passes it back. The testing team would check if the changes done are working fine and ensure that it does not impact other related functionalities.

Disadvantages of Smoke testing

By conducting smoke tests, you can promptly identify mission-critical failures and address them early in the development process, before diving into more intricate details. This proactive approach enables you to ensure the smooth functioning of your software and enhance its overall quality. The goal of smoke testing is to discover simple but severe failures using test cases that cover the most important functionalities of a software. Smoke tests are performed by QA teams using a minimal set of tests on each build that focuses on software functionality.

what does smoke test mean

It is a simple test that shows the product is ready for testing. This helps determine if the build is flawed as to make any further testing a waste of time and resources. This cycle helps identify basic and critical issues in an application before the team working on it performs more in-depth testing. This is why smoke testing is performed at the initial phase of the testing lifecycle. The smoke testing cycle starts with a build being delivered from the development team.

Run smoke tests:

We will now create a Slack webhook, which is a URL that allows us to send Slack messages programmatically. The last piece of our pipeline is an alerting system that lets us know when our tests fail. You can also use a service like PagerDuty, which will have a similar setup process.

After you pull it out of the oven, you have to check to make sure the dish is done cooking. Otherwise, you could get sick and possibly ruin your creation, wasting time and resources. Don’t keep developers waiting for hours for you to complete a single smoke test.


Smoke testing through automation is a huge benefit and value to customers as well as a time and cost control for businesses. Build verification tests are added to the library of reusable scripts, and performing a smoke test may require 1-2 days. In case of any doubts in the article “sanity testing vs smoke testing”, leave a comment below.

Sanity testing, however, is carried out to ensure that bugs are addressed following the build and is referred to as a division of regression testing. Smoke tests simply entail ensuring that the build being tested has no show-stopping bugs and that the critical functionalities function as intended. It is a fast and concise regression test of essential functions. It is a quick test that demonstrates the product is prepared for further checks and tests.

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Instead of having repeated test manually whenever the new software build is deployed, recorded smoke test cases are executed against the build. It verifies whether the major functionalities still operates properly. If the test fails, then they can correct the build and redeploy the build immediately. By this, we can save time and ensure a quality build to the QA environment. Sanity tests are high-level assessments designed to ensure an application’s reliability. This testing type focuses on test cases that have new features in order to identify defects in the build.

  • GitHub Actions is a tool to automate software workflows, such as deploying a web service or testing an application.
  • Ensure a Clean Environment – Stop the server, delete files or even empty the database tables, etc.
  • This could include retesting the functionality of the software, running the code through an automated testing suite, and examining the code to ensure it is free of any errors.
  • Smoke testing is sometimes called “build verification testing”.
  • Though regularly used, these terms have some misconceptions around them too.

In a busy production environment, you can’t afford to waste any time. This is even more important when you’re sharing testing resources. If improving competency is one of your goals, then you shouldn’t skip smoke testing. You can use it to test every single feature and avoid wasting resources. Before the phrase “smoke test” became synonymous with software, it only applied to hardware testing. A. Identification of major issues in initial test phase that saves time.

Online Browser Testing

Sanity testing is done after smoke testing and is a shorter and more focused test of a specific feature or functionality. Sanity testing focuses on the most critical sections of the system and is used to identify major issues with a specific feature or functionality. This is because smoke testing suites have excellent coverage but shallow depth.

what does smoke test mean

As a result, don’t be reluctant to send a product back to the designers for additional adjustments. The command lines that download the necessary files to the local drive for smoke testing vary depending on the software. As part of this process, confirming that the tests are appropriate for the kind of enterprise being operated is crucial. Before executing a smoke test, one must determine the required number of test cases. If one cannot determine the number of test cases needed to ensure proper functionality, one will need to delay progress and recalculate. After successfully finishing the build but before testing their application, a person might need to perform setup processes.

Automation Testing

This tutorial will create Playwright and Jest tests on a web application. Playwright is a library built by Microsoft to automate Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit browsers. Smoke tests provide a lot of value relative to the effort needed to create them. According to Microsoft, smoke tests are “the most cost-effective method for identifying and fixing defects in software” after code reviews.

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