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Do not click “Save” yet, as there is one more step to complete. Ensure that you have selected “Enable trading”, and whitelist the IP addresses shown in your Cryptopper account when selecting as your exchange. Creating an API key generates a public and secret key to access the exchange at the API level. The secret key is revealed when first created; however, upon refreshing the page or navigating elsewhere, the secret key will be hidden for security reasons. If you forget your secret key, you need to create a new one. Before you can create API Keys, you will have to set up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).

Most successful traders use a good strategy combined with real-time technical analysis and indicators. The bot allows users to trade automatically on various exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, and Kraken. The auto trading bot is easy to use and can be customized to suit the needs of each user.

Still, Immediate BitXDR offers some of’s cool features for free. It’s the most common strategy for the investors in crypto or traditional market. Now Allen’s made me a happy customer at this stage, but there’s a Cherry on top! When I was able to log back in, I discovered that four of the cryptocurrencies that the automated Immediate BitXDR recommended skyrocketed. Enough to pay for my monthly membership and a weeks salary from work. I bought this membership not knowing if it could do what was promised on its website.

Keep in mind that if you select “greater than” or “less than,” the Williams %R will send sticking signals. This means that it will keep sending buy/sell signals as long as the Williams %R is above or below a certain value. This feature makes the Williams %R a great indicator to combine with others. Like most of the moving averages, traders use this indicator to spot trends and trend reversals.

If the dots are below the price, then the trend direction is bullish, and when they’re above it, it’s bearish. Therefore, as long as the dots are below the price, it will give buy signals, and as long as the dots are above the price, it will give sell signals. These are sticking signals, so it will continue to send buy/sell signals as long as the conditions are met.

Learn how to select currencies, configure buy/sell settings and create different configs per currency. Immediate BitXDR is an AI-driven bot that makes crypto trading accessible, fun, and worthwhile for everyone. Choose your preferred risk level and let us set up a bot for you.

Your API Key and secret are now created, but they cannot be used for trading yet. To enhance the security of your funds on Binance US, you must whitelist the IP addresses of‘s servers in your API Key settings. By following this step, you can ensure that your funds remain safe while trading on Binance US. The Market Maker bot provides liquidity to a market of your choice, and can alternatively act as a way to profit from a big spread.

  • With competitors, the seller’s order is always placed first, followed by those of their followers.
  • The software conducts investment analysis and automatically positions trades in auto trading.
  • Therefore, when the fast moving average crosses the slow one upwards, the price is more likely to be bullish and it generates buys.
  • However, if you want more control over your trades and investments, then Immediate BitXDR might be a better fit.
  • Besides using a username and password, Immediate BitXDR also offers the option to secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

Users link their exchange account to the bot using an API, granting authorization to execute trades. The platform supports a wide range of exchanges and cryptocurrencies. The platform supports 14 major cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring high liquidity for trading opportunities. Immediate BitXDR is designed to suit traders of all experience levels, offering educational resources for beginners and advanced features for seasoned traders.

For example, if you fill in 1 day and all the markets are going down in a 1-day timeframe, your bot will not buy. Another buying feature that is available on Immediate BitXDR is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). Through DCA you buy double or triple the amount of the currencies currently in a loss. By buying more of a losing position and merging these positions, you lower the percentage profit needed to break even. Keep in mind that you are increasing the amount of holdings in this currency. DCA and Shorting cannot be used together and can be used for Manual Buy, Strategy, and Signalers.

Copy the API Keys shown on Binance and paste them into Immediate BitXDR. Navigate to the Base config in Immediate BitXDR and select “Exchange” then “Binance.” Click on “Generate IP Addresses” and copy the displayed IP addresses. If you haven’t already, go to Binance’s website and create an account. When enabled your bot will not place orders when you do not have enough funds for the Minimum buy amount. Fill in the number of minutes your bot is in the cooldown period for a currency.

Immediate BitXDR

Save the keys on, then click ‘Save’ on Immediate BitXDR. Your funds should appear shortly, and you’ll be ready to start trading. Both trading bots have good customers support, but Immediate BitXDR appears to have a useful support section. Immediate BitXDR takes security very seriously and has implemented several measures to ensure the safety of its users’ funds and data. The platform uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to help prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, and it also encrypts all API keys and passwords. In terms of reliability, Immediate BitXDR has been in operation since 2017 and has established itself as a reputable and reliable trading platform.

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